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[ I5 ] x0201c;In those cases [when clinical impact is unclear], patient organizations or doctors can play an important role, because we, as members of the DRC not always value the importance of clinical impact. For example, it they say that patients are able to walk ten meters instead of five, then yeah, is that worth x020ac;200,000 a year. But if someone tells you that because of that five extra meters, he can now be independent, go to the toilet, do small domestic work, x02026; well that changes at a lotx0201d. [ I3 ] x0201c;Pharmaceutical companies sometimes also add a letter from the patient organization in the dossier. We have dossiers with letters from patients stating that the drug is important to themx0201d.

BACK TO THE FINALS: The four conference finalists have each appeared in the WNBA finals twice in the previous six years, and the winners will make it three in seven.]