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These new instruments were electric or electronic, and thus they used instrument amplifiers, new technologies like multitracking changed the goal of recording, A producer could blend together multiple takes and edit together different sections to create the desired sound. For example, in jazz fusion Bandleader-composer Miles Davis album Bitches Brew, producers like Phil Spector and George Martin were soon creating recordings that were, in practical terms, almost impossible to realise in live performance. Producers became creative figures in the studio, other examples of such engineers includes Joe Meek, Teo Macero, Brian Wilson, and Biddu.

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Between June 1999 and February 2000 the Company sold convertible notes in the principal amount of 1,517,000 to 29 persons. The notes are unsecured, bear interest at 9. 5 per year, and are due and payable at various dates between June 2000 and February 2001.

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